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    The mental hygiene, then, which modern morality makes possible does not bid us never to worry or fear, but tells us not to worry or fear unnecessarily and blindly, and not to expend energy on self-recrimination except in so far as it is deserved in the light of an intelligent morality and will be useful in changing future conduct for the better. An enlightened hygiene, too, does not tell us never to inhibit impulses, but rather not to foster inhibitions that serve no useful purpose, and may even do physical or mental harm to ourselves, and no good to others. There are and always will be situations in civilized life which require inhibition of a rational sort. No individual is entitled to the enjoyment of "mental hygiene" for himself at the expense of others.

    The application of this newer morality sometimes yields startling results. Often what was once considered wrong becomes right or at least indifferent, and what has hitherto been regarded as right or indifferent becomes wrong. Examples of the former are the exposure of the body permitted by modern styles in women's clothing and bathing costumes, not to mention the growth of nudist cults; the abolition of the double standard of morals, so that certain behavior, such as cigarette smoking, swearing, etc., which was formerly considered coarse or "tough" or even sinful in women, is now regarded as no worse than for men, and often harmless for both; the greater freedom of men and women in their association with one another without chaperonage and in reference to conversation on previously tabooed subjects; and the franker admission of the legitimate place which sexual satisfaction has in a complete life.


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